Private Parties

Oklahoma's original sultry dance studio with

11 years of experience!


specializing in providing the Purrfect

bachelorette, birthday, or girl's night out parties


1 mile north of Bricktown- located in the Automobile Alley district

Downtown Oklahoma City 

Walking distance from restaurants and clubs

The Purrfect Party: All Parties book this Package 

$360 for 2 to 9 people

Add $30 Per Person for 10 Participants and More

120 minutes of Instruction and Meet & Greet time

We combined our two most popular packages over the years,

the Vertical Vixen and the Cat's Meow to create the Purrfect Party! 


Breakdown of this pricing: 

$240 Non Refundable Deposit paid online to reserve,

$120 due at the party for 9 people or less to meet minimum

(240 plus 120 = $360)

Add $30 Per Person for 10 Participants and More to the $120 remaining balance

We do not need to know the number of participants 

when the party is booked as that number will likely change



Your party includes: 120 minutes any way you choose

Choose 1 or 1.5 hours of instruction-

Select up to 3 styles of dance from 10 choices

Choose 30 minutes or 1 hour of meet and greet time to take pictures,

 get dressed to go out on the town, play games,

enjoy snacks and drinks, or use our studio for your

gift exchange or lingerie shower.

Your time in our studio is fully customized

because we know every group is different!

 Up to 20 people (we have 13 poles)

Certain dance styles are available for parties with 25 people

Please notify us if your party is over 10 participants

so that we can prepare the room


Dance Style Selections: each style includes technique and

basic choreography to fun music and designed for all levels

Pole Dance- spin, climb, pose, floorwork, transitions

(Not Avail during Covid) Aerial Fabric- sling/hammock- poses, transitions

(Not Avail during Covid) Aerial Yoga- poses, back decompression, stretches

Classic 1950s Burlesque- feather boa tricks and glove peels,

bump, grind, shimmy, shake!

Hip Hop Burlesque - kitty cat doll style hip hop dance

with head whips, body rolls, pops

Chair Dance - poses and tricks using a chair as a prop

Lap Dance  - learn your way around the chair pretending 

like your partner is in the chair to expertly seduce your partner

High Heels  - get comfy and fierce walking and dancing in heels

Booty Werk - glute and hip popping, rolling, bouncing

Strip Teaze - using men's shirts and ties provided by Teaze to

expertly teaze your partner


There are custom options available as well including Kids Aerial Parties!


All parties include private use of our studio with an instructor

and props for instruction.  Notify us if you are bringing food and drinks

and we will set up a banquet table and tablecloth.

Please do not set anything other than drinks on the tiki bar 


Fridge with bottled water is included.

A changing room and front seating

with unique vintage furnishings adds glamour to your experience. 

Privacy curtains on our windows and dimming track lights

set a sultry mood to allow you to have privacy and fun!

Props provided to teach the dance styles include:

13 poles, several aerial hammocks, 20 chairs, 

feather boas, gloves, shimmy fringe tops and skirts

men's button up shirts, men's neck ties.




Party Pricing

Pole Dance
Aerial Yoga
Aerial Hammock
Chair Dance

Party Package Details


A non-refundable deposit of $240 is required to reserve your party time & date. The remaining balance of your party is paid at the event.

We cannot hold time without the deposit paid. 

After your deposit is paid, you should receive a confirmation email from us. There, you will find answers to our frequently asked questions including what to wear, driving directions, parking info, and how the remaining balance is collected. Helpful info is also stated on this page as well as our "Questions" page of this site. There are messages during the booking process that also state helpful info. 


We suggest copying this wording and sending it to the other participants. 

Less than 72 hours notice party bookings may include a $50 late booking fee. A portion of that fee does go to the instructor to assist in her short notice schedule change to accommodate your group. 


Cancelling or rescheduling your party requires a minimum notice of 4 days and a confirmation with our staff over the phone.


Cancellation attempts via email, text, or voicemail are not confirmed by staff and will result in the full party amount being billed. In order to cancel, you must reach us in person over the phone to ensure we were notified. Parties that are not cancelled resulting in no call no show will be charged the full amount of $360. 

We will allow one date/time reschedule without requiring new deposit to be paid. A minimum notice of 4 days and a confirmation with our staff over the phone is required in order to reschedule. We can hold your deposit as a credit in your account to use for a future party or workshops. 

In the event of inclement weather we will make every attempt to reschedule the party or alternately credit your deposit toward workshops or private lessons at the studio.

You read this entire page and are ready to book?

To eliminate confusion- Each party time slot only allows for one person to book. This ensures no one else from the public can book your party time. The other 19 spots in the party are held for your group. The instructor ensures each participant has an account and checks everyone into the party upon arrival. Once a time is booked, no one else can pay the deposit for that time.

The times we pre-schedule for you to purchase are:   

Sunday through Saturday 10am- 10pm 


Two hour party times are scheduled and 30 min closed windows where the instructor has the door locked and is cleaning before and after each party. 


If your desired day/time falls on one of these slots and it is not shown on our available calendar, it is booked by another group if it says (Full).


If your desired date/time is custom and not offered on our pre scheduled calendar, just contact us and pending staff availability, we will set up your party on the schedule for you to immediately go in via our site and reserve. As long as staff are available, we can offer parties 7 days a week from 8am to 11pm.

The Day of Your Party

Double check your confirmation email for any information you may need about parking, address, studio rules, & date/time.

The remainder of your balance for the party is due at the party in one transaction via cash or card.

You only have your scheduled time to use the studio. If you are late, you are still responsible for the remaining balance. Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your party’s scheduled time as you may be intruding on another party’s private studio time. 

All party participants will need their own account in our Bookeo System. Because of the physical nature of our service, we require a liability waiver by each participant and the account creation process includes waiver wording and a check box agreeing to its terms. To reduce time spent doing this at the beginning of your party, we suggest having these guests create an account prior to the party date.


To access the registration site, they may make an account from the home page of our website, using the button- "create account for party." 

 Ladies are welcome to attend parties as spectators and do not need to create accounts unless they decide to participate. Please do not bring more than 5 spectators. If they create an account and allow the instructor to check them into the party, they will be considered a participant and will be included in the remaining balance fee. If our staff are not notified about non participants and our staff charge for them, we do not offer refunds after the party has taken place for non participants that we were not informed about. 


We do not have a way to accommodate offering sultry dance styles to male participants and we value the comfort level of our staff and other clients in the studio as our top priority. 

Sweet Teaze

We ask that snacks and drinks brought into the studio are easy to clean up. No crock pots, buckets, or full meals should be brought in. Only light snacks, finger foods, and drinks please. 


Our studio does not have a kitchen or industrial sink to accommodate or clean catered food and drinks. Glass and breakable cookware are not permitted as we dance barefoot and cannot clean up all microscopic shards of glass. 


Clean up fee of $50 will be charged if cleanup is required.


If vintage furnishings are damaged or destroyed, the responsible party who paid the deposit will be expected to cover the cost of repair or replacement.

Please note that drinking alcohol and then spinning on the pole or aerial apparatus will easily cause nausea. We recommend not drinking before you arrive at the studio.

You read this page and still have questions? Please email  Lynn is happy to assist.