How Do I Sign Up?

Preregistration is required for all of our workshops and private parties. If you are the person booking

a party, look for the "Book Now" button on the Parties page of this site. 

If you are attending a private party, you will simply sign the liability waiver upon arrival. 

Ask your party booker or person in charge of your party to share with you the email that she received

regarding driving, parking, what to wear, and more helpful party tips. 

Can I Attend Your Workshops or Parties?

We have clients of all sizes, ages, strength levels and dance abilities who participate at our studio. Our workshop and party offerings may be limited to female attendees only for the comfort of all participants and the staff due to the sultry nature of movement. It's best to email the studio prior to registration and let us know your goals in attending the course or event to determine if it is a 
good fit for you. If you do not contact prior to registering to allow our owner to decide whether the course is appropriate for male attendees, we will cancel your enrollment. 


If a participant is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian will need to fill out the liability waiver. Please notify us that you would like the minor waiver emailed, print at home, and bring the filled out waiver along with the parent or guardian. We would like to meet the guardian in person for any participants under 15 years old.

Can I Come Watch A Workshop? Can My Husband or Friend Come Watch?

For the comfort, safety, and respect of our clients and staff, the studio is closed to all non-participants.

do not allow spectators during workshops or private lessons, but if you would like to bring in non participating adult female guests, we welcome you to book your own private party! 

What Do I Wear?

All dancers should wear comfortable workout clothes. Most events will be barefoot. If you are attending a heels event, please choose heels with an ankle strap and with clean soles that will not leave color scuffs on the wood floor. Shoes that are not worn outdoors are best as you wouldn't want to roll on the dance floor in whatever the shoes picked up from the street. 

Pole - Sleeveless shirts and shorts that fall at least several inches above the knee are recommended for climbing grip. If you do not plan to climb the pole, sit on the pole, or invert on the pole, you can wear capri or ankle length yoga or dance leggings for pole spins.

We will ask you to remove all metal hand jewelry to avoid bending the jewelry, pinching your hand, and destroying the poles. Avoid applying lotion or oils for 24 hours prior to pole dancing.

Aerial- Shirts with sleeves and shoulder coverage and form fitted leggings/pants are recommended to prevent fabric burns. We will ask you to remove most jewelry. Metal hand jewelry, dangling necklaces or large earrings. Please remove all jewelry aside from small earrings. This prevents your jewelry or skin from being caught, pulled, or torn. Jewelry will put holes and runner tears in the fabric, causing the fabric to be trashed. Clothing should not have zippers, grommets, velcro, or other metal accents as this can tear the fabric. 


How Do I Cancel?


Once a Workshop course is paid for and reserved, we are no longer offering the option to cancel any portion of the course or the entire course. When you purchase the course, you understand that you are agreeing to

all dates that the course meets. Our courses are designed to build curriculum from week to week and in

order to be successful, we need everyone present every date.


We do not offer monetary refunds or makeups or reuse of the credit if you were absent or will be absent for a scheduled workshop, course, or private lesson.  Our staff are compensated based on the number of people reserved and we turn clients away to hold a limited number of apparatuses.

In the event of a weather incident, we will credit you for the date and offer to reschedule. This is not a refund.


Private Parties: We allow one date/time reschedule with a minimum of 4 days notice. If an immediate reschedule does not occur, a credit can be held temporarily in your account to use toward a future party or workshops. We do not offer monetary refunds for party deposits for any reason. Once a party time is held for you, we turn away other clients wishing to book that time.


Where Do I Park?

Our Location:

Teaze Dance & Fitness is located in historic Automobile Alley at 1112 N Broadway Ave OKC, OK 73103.

We are two blocks west of I-235 (Broadway Extension) & just north of the N. 10th St. intersection on the east side. The I-235 exit is at N. 10th Street if you are traveling south and at Harrison if you are traveling north.

We are located in the downtown area so be sure to plan extra driving time accordingly. Be sure to put our entire address into your GPS as there are Broadway streets in Moore and Edmond that will get you very lost! We are located across the street from Broadway 10 Chophouse and Hatch Restaurant. There is a Phillips 66

gas station across the street from us as well, with the car dealerships (Tesla) just north of the Phillips 66.


If you exited I-235 and NE 10th street and find that a train is blocking your way from continuing on 10th to Broadway Ave, you can turn left onto a street called Oklahoma Avenue and follow that street south. Turn

right at 6th Street and drive under the bridge where the train is located. This will allow you to continue on

to Broadway Avenue and turn right to head back north. We will be a few storefronts down on the right, just past the intersection of N 10th as you are going north on Broadway Ave. 


We are located just one mile away from Bricktown, making Teaze a great place to start your night out!

We are walking distance from many of the most popular restaurants in OKC. 



To avoid any back up traffic downtown, we suggest using I-235. You can exit NW 23rd street whether you

are driving south or north. Travel South onto Broadway Ave after you exit. Take broadway a few blocks and

On the left, there is a narrow strip

of grass called Campbell Art Park. You may parallel park at no charge east of the park on a street called Broadway Dr. located between NW 13th St and a street called Park Place. Walk toward Broadway Ave (west) and onto the sidewalk that will take you to our front doors

(walk south along Broadway Ave). 


Other options include: 40 parking spots in a small free parking lot directly across from our front doors on Broadway, located on the west side of Broadway Ave. This lot is south of the Phillips 66 gas station. Be sure to patronize Broadway 10, Hatch, or Sidecar during your visit, as those spots are designated for those particular businesses. 

Parking in front of the Car Dealerships to the north of the Phillips 66 on the west side of the street is also an option. In that area, several designated spots exist directly on Broadway Ave.  There is also a parking

garage just west of Broadway Ave. and the entrance is at NW 10th St. It is $5 to park there. Be sure to have cash on hand in case the card reader does not work.

Studio Rules

All metal hand jewelry is to be removed for pole dancing 

Improper dance clothing is not permitted for aerial hammock or aerial yoga. No zippers, grommets, hooks, jewelry, or any metal is to be worn.

Remove all lotions & oils from your skin prior to participation. Please avoid heavy makeup and perfumes for aerial fabric.
We have the right to not allow use of our apparatuses if improper clothing is worn as
this will destroy the fabric.

Sanitize poles & mats before & after use
Please do not touch or lean on studio mirrors
Please keep drinks, food, or gum on the concrete floor and off of the wood dance floor.
Heels are encouraged for
intermediate & advanced clients 

Clients may share an apparatus depending on party size. We cap off attendance
for pole and aerial yoga to one person per apparatus for workshops.

You are responsible for your own safety & any accidents or incidents on premises
A liability waiver is agreed to
upon participation 

Vehicles towed & loss of property is at the owner's expense. We recommend leaving valuables at home or in the trunk of your car.

Men & children under 16 may not be allowed to participate, depending on course or party material for the comfort, safety, and respect of all participants and the instructor. 
Contact us prior to booking so that we are able to assess your goals and whether this will be a
good fit for you. If you do not contact us prior to booking, we will cancel your enrollment.  

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

We do not offer monetary refunds for any reason.  

We ask that you do not video the instructor 
without her prior consent.  She will give the opportunity to take all the photos and video clips you desire of your group.

We always appreciate a tag on Social Media!