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Studio Rental

Studio Rental in Historic Automobile Alley

(NW 11th and Broadway Ave.) - 2 mins from I-235 and I-40

Hello, we're interested in lease sharing our dance/fitness studio space at a flat rate monthly fee.

Yoga / Pilates /Jazz /Hip Hop / Ballet / Cardio Dance /

Stretching / Choreography / Rehearsals


Aerial- you provide the equipment. We already have anchors in the ceiling for 5 split silks or lyra or 7 yoga slings



We are conducting our business there as well, mostly on the weekends and can offer 60 to 220 hours per month to someone who would be a good fit to share the space.

Our business has had an excellent reputation for fourteen years and is ready for operational sharing right now!




We have called the other comparable spaces for lease on high traffic/high profile streets and we are asking $2,000-5,000 per month less than those spaces.

Our space is larger than some of them for half of the cost. We're not charging any CAM fees or triple net fees.


We do require you have an insurance policy for yourself and your clients to cover accidents and injuries. 

Utility expenses are not an additional charge to you up to a reasonable amount and we will go over this together.


A contract will be provided to ensure we are in agreement on all aspects.


There is no long-term lease. 

It’s nearly impossible to rent a commercial space without a 3 year or 5 year lease. When businesses fail, the renter is still required to pay the remainder of those leases.

Instead, we are asking for one month paid in advance. If you prefer a 6 month lease, we're open to that.

This is a huge opportunity for anyone looking to start their own business without the risk during uncertain economy.


It gives a chance for you to build your client base and choose your own work hours.

We will not be collecting payment from your clients or keeping track of your clients aside from your liability waiver with each participant.

You would be conducting your own business from within our space.

The studio is ready to go today- front seating furniture, functioning appliances (fridge, microwave), restroom, changing room with furniture.


It is decorated in a Hollywood Glamour meets Art Deco meets Mid Century and even has a Tiki Bar! Lots of variety of real vintage furnishings and décor.


The space is great for photo shoots, small events, or fitness classes for adults. 

The Dance area is ready to go- 961 sf sprung real wood dance floor, five full size mirrors (not pieces of mirrors) at 6ft tall,10 ft wide each. Our ceiling height is 10 ft on one side of the dance room and 14ft ceilings on the other side, as well as sound system throughout the space.


All Poles are easily removable and not mounted to the floor. We designed the space that way to ensure ability to offer other types of classes or events in the space. 


Mon-Thurs  6am-10pm

Fri   6am-5pm

Sun  6am-10pm

Not Avail - Friday nights and Saturdays

Please contact me for pricing and to set an appointment to see the space!


Thank you for your consideration, ~Lynn

Teaze Studio Rental
Teaze Studio Rental
Teaze Studio Rental
Teaze Studio Rental
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