Policies Summary

I agree to the Policies Clearly Stated Below

The Purrfect Party – Pricing


$360 for 2 to 9 people

Add $30 Per Person for 10 Participants and More

120 minutes of Instruction and Meet & Greet time



Breakdown of this pricing: 

$240 Non-Refundable Deposit paid online to reserve,

$120 due at the party for 9 people or less to meet minimum

(240 plus 120 = $360)

Add $30 Per Person for 10 Participants and More to the $120 remaining balance



Deposit Policies

A non-refundable deposit of $240 is required to reserve your party time & date. The remaining balance of your party is paid at the event.

We cannot hold time without the deposit paid. 

After your deposit is paid, you will receive an automated confirmation email. There, you will find answers to our frequently asked questions including what to wear, driving directions, parking info, and how the remaining balance is collected. Helpful info is also stated on the "Parties" page as well as our "Questions" page of this site. 

We ask that men and children do not attend as spectators.


With the sultry nature of dance styles we teach, some of our staff may not comfortable teaching/performing in front of men or children. If you want to invite male participants, contact our owner to inform her of your expectation prior to paying the deposit so that she can assess whether we can accommodate you and select an instructor to work with your group. Transparency is key and we want everyone to be comfortable and to know upfront what to expect.​

​Party Bookings with less than 72 hours of notice may include a $50 late booking fee. A portion of that fee does go to the instructor to assist in her short notice schedule change to accommodate your group. 



Cancellation Policies


Cancelling or rescheduling your party requires a minimum notice of 4 days

and a confirmation with our staff.

Cancellation attempts via email, text, or voicemail might not be received or confirmed by staff. In order to cancel, ensure that we respond to any message and confirm receipt of your request. Parties that are not cancelled with notice will result in late cancellation and the business retains the $240 deposit without option to reschedule.

If there is a cancellation the day of the party or a no call, no show at the party’s start time, the instructor will charge the remaining balance of $120 to the card provided at booking.

With a minimum of four days of notice, we will allow one date/time reschedule without requiring new deposit to be paid. We can hold your deposit as a credit in our system to use for a future party or private lessons. We will collect the remaining balance at the party on the rescheduled date. 


​In the event of inclement weather, we will make every attempt to reschedule the party or alternately credit your deposit toward private lessons at the studio.

All Credits for Party Deposits that are held for a future date reschedule must be used within 12 months from the original scheduled date. We cannot hold credits with our business infinitely. It is important to us that you are able to receive the service you paid for. 

If you cannot reschedule another party, you have the option to book private lessons, gift the party deposit for a birthday or Christmas gift, or donate the party deposit toward an auction or raffle to benefit someone in need. Inquire for more details on donation or gifting.  

By booking with us, you are authorizing us to charge your remaining balance of $120 to the card you provided at booking or to collect the balance from you in another format if your party cancels within 24 hours of the reserved date or no-shows.


This covers the instructor's pay, the studio rental fee to hold time for your group only, and the studio cleaning and set up the day of your party. 


​​In the event that your party cannot meet due to a member of the group being sick or suspected sick with covid or other illness, please provide a copy of the doctor's visit summary if you are cancelling with less than 3 days notice. We do understand that sickness cannot be planned for. 

We will then allow you to reschedule for a future date rather than treating it as a late cancellation or no-show. 


The Day of Your Party


Double check your booking confirmation email for any information you may need about parking, address, studio rules, what to wear, and date/time.


Please send this info on to your participants to eliminate confusion and avoid them

contacting the studio with the already answered questions. 

We want your participants to feel confident and informed as well. 

The remainder of your balance for the party is due at the party in one transaction via cash or card.


We do not currently accept venmo, apple pay, cashapp, paypal, and so on for the remaining balance.  


The best protection for both businesses and customers is if the card is present

and the customer pays in person with the card in hand. 

You only have your scheduled time to use the studio. If you are late, you are still responsible for the remaining balance. If you opt to leave early, we do not change or discount the amount of the remaining balance. 


If you arrive while another party has paid for their private time, you may be asked to leave and come back at a later time. We do not have a waiting room or hallway. 


Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your party’s scheduled time as you may be intruding on another party’s private studio time. We also added a window of time between parties where the instructor is in the room doing a cleaning process between each group for the health safety of all. 


Ladies are welcome to attend parties as spectators and do not need to sign the waiver unless they decide to participate. Please do not bring more than 5 spectators.


If guests participate in any portion of the party and sign the liability waiver, they will be considered a participant and will be included in the remaining balance fee.


If our instructor is not notified about exactly which party guests will be non participants and our staff include them in the fee, we do not offer refunds after the party has taken place for non participants that we were not informed about. 


Each party time slot only allows for one person to book. This ensures no one else from the public can book your party time. Your participants are not intended to book themselves into our online system or reserve themselves into your party. 

The instructor provides a liability waiver due to the physical nature of our services. The waiver is printed on one sheet with multiple signature lines for the group upon arrival. 

Account creation online for participants is no longer required as we are moving to this more simplified format.


Sweet Teaze- Food and Drink Policies


We ask that snacks and drinks brought into the studio are easy to clean up. No crock pots or full meals should be brought in. Only light snacks, finger foods, and drinks please. 


Our studio does not have a kitchen or industrial sink to accommodate or clean utensils or serving platters for food and drinks. Glass and breakable cookware are not permitted as we dance barefoot and cannot clean up all microscopic shards of glass. 


Clean up fee of $50 will be charged if cleanup is required.


If vintage furnishings are damaged or destroyed, the responsible party who paid the deposit will be expected to cover the cost of repair or replacement.

Please note that drinking alcohol and then spinning on the pole or aerial apparatus will easily cause nausea. We recommend not drinking before you arrive at the studio.


Our staff will set up a banquet table with black table cloth for your party adjacent to the dance floor; please place any food or drinks you have brought in this area.

A fridge is available with bottled waters provided.

We kindly ask that you do not put anything on the tiki bar other than drinks.

Our banquet table or in the seating or changing area are best for placing purses and ice chests and other personal or party items.

Please keep all food and drinks off of the wood dance floor and enjoy them on the concrete floor around the dance floor. 


Our studio is located in Historic Automobile Alley at 1112 N. BROADWAY AVE. OKC, OK 73103.

Just a few blocks west of I-235 (Broadway Extension) & just north of the N. 10th St. intersection on the east side of the street. There is a Phillips 66 gas station across the street from us, 

as well as Broadway 10 Chophouse and Hatch restaurants. We are located just one mile away from Bricktown, Midtown, Downtown, Uptown 23rd, Paseo, and Deep Deuce Entertainment Districts.

Be sure to put our entire address on Broadway Avenue into your GPS as there are Broadway streets in Moore and Edmond and they can confuse you. Ensure that the address includes "Avenue" so that your chosen maps app does not navigate to an incorrect street. 




There is free parallel parking along the east side of Campbell Art Park via a street just north of Teaze and east of Broadway Avenue called N Broadway Drive. Stay on the south end of the park facing North. Park on the west side of the attorney's office building. If you park on the north end of this street, near Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, they will ask you to move. 

There is also a free parking lot directly across Broadway from our front doors on the west side of the street. That parking is designated for Hatch, Broadway 10, and Sidecar bar. If you park there, they ask that you patronize one of those businesses as well. That lot is not monitored, however, if you were asked, you could be having a drink at Sidecar and attending Teaze. 


You can also look for free parking along the west side of Broadway Avenue and north of Teaze where a Tesla dealership is and more vacant buildings are as well as a restaurant called Jimmy B’s.

There are parallel parking spots in front of those buildings directly on Broadway Avenue. There is also a parking garage to the west of our front doors and west of the free parking lot (bring cash in case the card receiver doesn't work) 

Some people choose to park on Park Avenue which is the first street north of us if you go east from Broadway Ave. It is located where our block ends and the south end of Art Campbell Park is located. The street continues east and turns into a dead end. Parking along the street curb is permitted as long as no business entrances or alley entrances are blocked. 


The Studio

All parties include exclusive use of the studio. Our studio is laid out in an open floor plan with seating near our front doors.

Once the party guests have all arrived, the instructor counts the people participating to determine the remaining balance due. We do not offer refunds for people who chose not to participate but did not inform the instructor prior to the party to ensure they were not included in the fee.


We offer a changing room. We suggest that you leave purses and valuable property including all hand jewelry in the trunk of your car or at home. If you do not want to get sweaty because you are going out right after the party, 

just let your instructor know! There are lots of options that cater to every individual group’s needs. We also have many large mirrors in the studio to freshen up your makeup.


Our studio currently offers 13 poles, however, 9 are usually set up unless we are notified of more participants prior to the date of your party. We suggest limiting your party size to 20 people or less. With more than 13 people, the guests will need to share a pole with someone else, which reduces dance time on the poles. We have enough chairs, boas, gloves, and fringe skirts and tops for 20 people with prior notice. 


If you plan to do aerial hammock or aerial yoga, we need a minimum of 4 days notice for this dance style so that our owner can hang the fabric in the ceiling and ensure it is ready for your group. There are 6 participant hammocks and a group with more than 6 participants would be split into two groups where one rests while the other participates for instruction.




About Your Party

We ask that the balance is paid in one transaction in the form of cash or card (no checks, please). The party booker typically collects from each participant and then meets the instructor with the balance. 

All deposits are paid when the party is booked, so the remaining balance will be with the deposit deducted.

We suggest tipping your party's instructor for good service. 



What to Wear

Exercise clothes work best; t-shirts or tank tops are perfect. For pole dance, short shorts exposing the mid thigh skin are recommended. You can wear capri leggings over them for most of intro to pole dancing such as spins and stretching. 

The shorts are needed for climbing and sitting on the pole as well as inversions. Either bare feet or heels are recommended.  Ensure that your heels have an ankle strap.



Can you wear tennis shoes? What about socks?

Since we don’t want to roll in and lay down on what we pick up on the bottom of our shoes from the ground outside, we ensure our dance shoes are not the same as our street shoes.

Socks are extremely slippery on our slick wood dance floor and will make it difficult for you to participate. 


Lotion or oils on your hands or body will make it very difficult for you to participate in a pole dance. 


We will ask everyone to remove metal hand jewelry on the poles- rings, bracelets, and watches. The jewelry can pinch your fingers, the pole will bend the jewelry, and the jewelry destroys the poles.



For aerial hammock or yoga, capri or ankle length leggings/yoga pants are best with a shirt that covers the armpits. We avoid all zippers, grommets, Velcro, and hooks on clothing.

If participants are not wearing proper clothing for aerial, they may be told they can’t participate with the hammocks.


The clothing policy is in place to prevent holes in the fabric which could cause bodily injury and to prevent body odors and perfumes as much as possible on the fabric as the fabrics cannot be washed in a machine between each use. We also are removing necklaces and large earrings as well as hand jewelry for aerial fabric so that your jewelry doesn’t get caught in the fabric and cause a number of issues from tearing your skin to destroying the jewelry and the fabric.




Our instructors provide party music playlists for each dance style. You are also welcome to bring your own playlist! Our sound system accepts a phone or mp3 player with auxiliary cable as well as Bluetooth. If you would like to learn a dance to a specific song, please give the studio notice prior to your party so the instructor can prepare.



Avoid touching or leaning on our mirrors to prevent injury or breaking them.

When in the aerial hammocks, we avoid swinging in them like a playground swing. 

The hammocks are too close to the mirrors for swinging to be safe. 




Taking photos is encouraged! We always appreciate a tag on Facebook or Instagram. We love seeing you share your experiences with us. 


We ask that you please do not video record our instructor teaching without her permission as she has no control over where that video is shared or whether it presents her in a light she would not approve of. 

It takes her rights away to the control over her own image and we can all agree that no one would want that. Some instructors prefer no video during instruction at all. It is best to ask first.

The instructor will offer to take videos of your group moving together to do a spin or combo you learned and to take photos of your group with your cameras.


The instructor will always ask first if your group approves of the use of any photos

she takes of your group on her phone prior to sharing the content online via our business sites. 



We look forward to throwing you a party that will leave your friends talking about how much fun they had for months to come!