Creating an Account for All Party Participants:

Find the bookeo calendar or link below and select "Events". Scroll to the bottom to

Find the "Liability Waiver for All Private Parties" and select book.

Follow the prompts to create an account and select the check box

agreeing to the terms.



By Booking This Item, you are agreeing to our Liability Waiver Terms.


You will receive a Booking Confirmation Email with important info to read

about our Private Parties such as

what to wear, driving directions, where to park, and more. 


This will not charge you a fee and it will not enroll you into anything.


To alleviate confusion:

The date you select to make an account and agree to the waiver is not important.

It is listed once a year (Dec 2020- Liability Waiver for All Private Parties)

This is not set up to match the actual date of your party.  


We require that each participant creates an account with us and has a liability waiver

on file prior to participation. This is our current computer system work around. 

Thank You!