Cancellation Policies

Cancelling or rescheduling your party requires a minimum notice of 4 days

and a confirmation with our staff.

Cancellation attempts via email, text, or voicemail might not be received or confirmed by staff. In order to cancel, ensure that we respond to any message and confirm receipt of your request. Parties that are not cancelled with notice will result in the business keeping the $240 deposit without option to reschedule. If the instructor is waiting at the studio on your group at start time and there is a no call, no show, the instructor will charge the remaining balance of $120. 

We will allow one date/time reschedule without requiring new deposit to be paid. We can hold your deposit as a credit in our system to use for a future party or private lessons or workshops. 

In the event of inclement weather, we will make every attempt to reschedule the party or alternately credit your deposit toward workshops or private lessons at the studio.

All Credits for Party Deposits that are held for a future date reschedule must be used 12 months from the original scheduled date. We cannot hold credits with our business infinitely. It is important to us that you are able to receive the service you paid for. 

If you cannot reschedule another party, you have the option to book private lessons, gift the party deposit, or donate the party deposit toward an auction or raffle to benefit someone in need. Inquire for more details on donation or gifting.  

By booking with us, you are authorizing us to charge your remaining balance of $120 to the card you provided at booking or to collect the balance from you in another format if your party no-shows at the date and time of the event. 


This covers the instructor's pay, the studio rental fee to hold time for your group only,  and the studio cleaning and set up the day of your party.


If we are given four days notice to reschedule, the remaining balance is not charged and the deposit credit is held until the reschedule date takes place. At that time, we will collect the remaining balance. 

In the event that your party cannot meet due to a member of the group being sick or suspected sick with covid or other illness, please provide a copy of the doctor's visit summary if you are cancelling

with less than 3 days notice. We will then allow you to reschedule for a future date

rather than treating it as a late cancellation or no-show.